Software Licensing

Today’s Business model , IT infrastructure  holds the knack of the organization, IT department helps in streamlining the Organizational work flow and increases the productivity of the resources. Software licensing is key factor in the IT dept to leverage the latest technology products and services at the competitive cost.

Some businesses don’t understand software licenses or simply to choose to ignore them, and that can land you in some serious trouble. Computer software can be expensive and some organisations believe that they can ‘get away’ with ignoring software-licensing terms and do things such as installing software on multiple computers when the license is for a single-user only. Using software outside of the license terms is classed as piracy and could lead you open to prosecution.

Info creations is associated with the most of the reputed and established Software service providers that are robust platform to ensure the best available licensing option shall be offered to customer

“Our principle has made us successful ! “

We believe in Transparent, Customer-specific procurement and the most user friendly approach for our clients, we have become a leading service providers for software procurement and licensing.

Our Services

Custom-made licensing models deliver best-in-class solutions

  • We analyze the  potential savings within the area of Software Procurement and Professional Services
  • Benefit from streamlined software assets
  • Scale back your costs with the help of volume and framework agreements
  • We provide simpler procurement processes

Your Benefit

We offer you tangible advantages such as major savings and total peace of mind – we offer volume licenses for market – leading software.
The more licenses you buy, the less you pay per license